Nursery (0–2 years)

From birth, babies are primed and ready to soak up all the wonders life can offer. Every day is a brave new frontier and another opportunity to learn. Whether it’s moving, communicating or exploring their surroundings, their world is full of awe. What a privilege it is for us at to  help your child with this most important journey. We really feel blessed.


We aim to make the transition between home and childcare as seamless as possible. As primary caregiver, we will be responsible for infant’s care, activities and will support your child in feeling safe and secure in their new environment. We work closely with parents to find out about your child’s home routine, your child’s sleep and feeding patterns. We’re also in constant communication as your child’s needs change. To support this critical and exciting stage of a baby’s development, we aim to provide a peaceful environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing through the sensitive observations of our caring and qualified educators.

Toddlers (2-3 years)

What an incredible stage of development toddlerhood is. This curious, busy and energetic group of children are keen to take on challenges and develop their physical skills, sometimes at an astonishing rate. We at KIDZEE happily support them on this journey, guiding them and helping them form bonds and trust outside the home.


Your child’s transition from being dependent to independent is strongly supported in areas such as toilet training, independence at meal times and following their Educator’s directions. We happily answer all the “why” questions and provide quality learning experiences that reflect your child’s current interests and gain feedback about your child, as change happens quickly.

Toddlers start to develop their independence at this age. As well as encouraging this important transition, we offer guidance on how to share, communicate with other children, and to participate in group activities.